Episode 145 – Acts 8 – Persecuation and Phillip the Evangelist

This is the episode is part 8 of the study of the book of Acts. Persecuted for their faith after the martyrdom of Stephen the disciples scatter but they take the good news of Jesus with them. Phillip goes to Samaria many come to faith. Simon the Sorcerer accepts Jesus but tries to buy the power he sees in the apostles. Phillip also teaches the Ethiopian Eunich who comes to faith and changes a country.

Acts 8

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Episode 100 – Hebrews 12

Having looked at the “cloud of witnesses” in chapter 11, how should we then live? The author encourages us to run the race with endurance and to shed the sin that encumbers. We are encouraged to look at difficult times and even persecution as discipline from God as a father disciplines a child for the child’s benefit.

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