Bible Study – Lost and Found

The Bible Study Podcast started with these 3 original episodes which focused on the theme of “lost and found” based on a study of Luke 15. In this chapter Jesus is dealing with the Pharisees who want to draw a circle around who is in and who is out. In response to their attitude Jesus tells them three parables which show the joy in heaven when someone who is a “sinner” is restored to a relationship with God. Jesus came to bring back “in” those who the Pharisees what to write off.

One thought on “Bible Study – Lost and Found”

  1. I’m glad you chose these to start with. I myself am a lost sheep with the inner calling for the lord getting louder, so i look for his word I can understand. I’ve found it! Thank you for your time and I thank the lord you are here to help me understand how to get on the righteous path.

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