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  1. Will you be doing all the books? Like is it a goal to go through all books eventually? Iā€™m just curious because I love your podcast. It really helps me to study the Bible hearing another persons take on it as well.

  2. Hi Chris, I just recently had started your podcast, and really enjoy it. Iā€™m learning and praying through it. I started at the very beginning and noticed that now it no longer contains all of them, so I went to your website, as you had stated. Is there an easier way to get the older podcasts, then having to page through 10 per page via the arrow, to get to the beginning on the website? I did notice the bottom of the page there is an option for going through themes or books, but they were not numerical from the beginning either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Barbara, no, honestly most people who listen to the podcast do so through Apple Podcasts or some other podcast player and just search for episodes in that app.

  3. Chris, first, I absolutely LOVE your podcast! It has helped me tremendously as I walk through some books chapter by chapter. I want to support your podcast so that you can continue to help myself and others understand what we’re reading. šŸ™‚
    Second, have you done a walk through of Philippians? Or do you plan to sometime in the near future?

    Thank you again so much. May God continue to bless your listeners and continue to give you discernment and truth as you help us all that listen!!!

    1. Thanks Amanda. You can support the podcast with you prayers. No, it looks like I have not done an episode on Philippians yet. Soon then. šŸ™‚

  4. Hi Chris,
    I’ve been listening for years, from up here in northern Canada, I don’t think you know how much I and si many appreciate your podcasts!!! im a mom of 4 boys šŸ˜… and do house cleaning on the side and your podcasts have gotten me through many messy days, literally.
    You’ve helped me so much understand the complexity of the books, and fall in love with each one. And for that I thank you beyond!! I’ve tried dozens of podcasts, studies ect…and yours is by far my favorite. I discovered you in 2017 and am so grateful I stumbled upon it…because lord knows I don’t have much time in a day or energy to sit and read as much ad I’d like šŸ™‚
    if ever you need a hint for a future study, I just started Ecclesiates and could sure use your intellect on this one šŸ˜„
    thank you endlessly
    God bless!!!

  5. hi, Pstr Chris.
    I love listening to your podcast. clear easily understood.
    btw, curious what bible version are you using.

  6. Hi, I was hoping to share an episode I heard on Audible from 1 Peter 3 -Living Godly Lives. I do not see it on the list here on the website. Did I miss it?

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