Episode 100 – Hebrews 12

Having looked at the “cloud of witnesses” in chapter 11, how should we then live? The author encourages us to run the race with endurance and to shed the sin that encumbers. We are encouraged to look at difficult times and even persecution as discipline from God as a father disciplines a child for the child’s benefit.

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Episode 70 – James 2

This episode is part two in a series on the book of James. James ask us why we pay favoritism to the rich over the poor as they come to church. James challenges us to show him our faith by actions. He challenges us that faith that is not visible in actions is dead.

James 2

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Episode 57 – Christianity 101 – Romans 4

This is the episode is part six in a study on Paul’s letter to Romans. Is it what we do or what we believe that makes us right with God. Paul uses the example of Abraham and how he was declared by God to be right with him before he was circumcised and when he did not deserve it.

Romans 4

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