The Bible Summarized in 10 Minutes or Less – Episode 500

This is a special episode of the podcast, the 500th. We look at the overall theme of the bible through its first and last chapters, in Genesis 2 and Revelation 22. It starts in a garden and ends in a garden.

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2 thoughts on “The Bible Summarized in 10 Minutes or Less – Episode 500”

  1. Dear Brother,
    I also believe that God is going to win at the end, but I missed a few very important details from your summary. Many Christian think so that they are going to live forever, and they do not need to do anything for that, just accept Christ’s substitutionary death, and they will be automatically saved by the Grace of God.
    Yes, I agree, we are saved through the merit of Jesus Christ, by the Grace of God, and it is the free Gift of God, and I need to believe it and accept it by faith…. but I also believe it that I am going to be judged by my deeds – which is also a Biblical teaching. The book of Revelation is speaking of the Final Judgement, the destruction of sin and the Tempter and Accuser Satan and his demons (1/3 of the fallen and formerly Devine angels), and the destruction of men who do not accept God, who do not put Him to the No 1 place in their life, who do not “fear” God (with a holy fear with awe, respect, reverence and obedience), who do not give glory Him, who do not worship Him how and WHEN HE EXPECTS IT. People who think they follow God, they disrespectfully distort the Bible and its teachings and rather follow human traditions (Matthew15:3, Mark 7:7-9) than the Moral laws stipulated by God, announced by God, and written IN STONES by God as the IO Commandments (Exodus 20.) .

    Sadly I missed from this lesson that God promises He is going to save us from Sin in three folds:
    The penalty of sin,
    The power of sin and
    The presence of sin – and these are the Good News!

    Other hand why else can you read in chapter 2&3 7 times “he who overcomes / victorious”…
    And also one more time in ch 21 or 22. If any Christian has a close relationship with God, they must experience the compelling and convincing of the Holy Spirit about their sins and the Power of the Holy Spirit that can help them to “overcome”.

    The good news is of the Book of Revelation is that our Saviour is the Old Testamental Law Giver (see John 8:58 & 1 Cor 10:1-4), and He is the One and True God who directly related to us humans, while the Father lives in an unapproachable Light, that is why Jesus is the Alpha as He is our Creator (John 1:1-4, Hebrews 1:1-4, Colossians 1:15-17) who created everything in 6 literal days, and sanctified His Sabbath (Gen 1.,2 & Mark 2:27-28), While He lived in a human form on Earth, Jesus kept the Sabbath in HIS LIFE (John 4:16), even IN HIS DEATH (Luke 24:1-2. ) He even taught His people how to keep the holy Sabbath (Exodus 16.), which is 4 CHAPTERS BEFORE HE WROTE THE 10 COMMANDMENTS WITH HIS OWN FINGERS – as the Sabbath is so Important. As it is given to Human Kind at The Creation.

    And we cannot forget about St. Paul, as after Jesus’s ascension, as his customs was, he went in the Synagogue on The Sabbath (Acts 17:2), how Jesus did it (and we can read the same sentence in Luke 4:16).
    The prophet Isaiah writes also about it (please see his last but one verse in the Book of Isaiah), that the People of God are going to gather and Worship Him from Sabbath to Sabbath. And of course in the book of Revelation, as you also mentioned, we can read about the Newly Created Earth, that Isaiah referred to 6-7 centuries before.

    I can see here a linear Truth about the Sabbath from Creation to Revelation..

    It was given to mankind, at Creation, it was taught by God (Jesus) for a 40 years of practise, while they were wandering in the desert.
    It was given to the chosen People of God in the Old Testament TO PRESERVE IT.
    Jesus kept it in His Life and Death, Paul kept it and other new testamental followers, please see the book of Acts, ch 13.,15.,16.,18..
    Paul taught about its eternal value (Ezekiel 20:12,20, Exod 13:17) to the New Testamental people of God in the Letter to the Hebrews:
    “There is therefore remains the Sabbath rest of God’s people”.
    “Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever.” And according to Isaiah we are going to worship God on that holy day, that most Christians forgot about – inspite that this is the only Commandment that starts with the expression :”Remember the Sabbath day to keep it Holy….”

    If God stays the same(“not even the shadow of turning”), so does His Law. How else could It be? If God the Father never changes, how James writes about it, Jesus never changes and consequently God’s Law should not change. That’s why we have a steady God, who is not like man-made gods of other religions or some women (?) who always change their minds. Our God is an unchanging, standard God whom we can always rely on. Who is merciful for long, for very long, as He is waiting for more and more dedicated lives and consecrated hearts, but when the time arrives, Jesus returns, as our King and Judge and we all are going to get the reward or our judgement from Him. And this will be the bloodiest time of Human History. But after that, the most peaceful era is going to start. And for an eternity.

    But till we have some things to do:
    1) Experience the Power of God, and overcome bad habits and character flaws – show it to the world and the demonic powers that God and His Powers is stronger than them.

    2) Love God from full heart, mind and spirit and love our neighbours, even our enemies.

    3) “If you love me”-says Jesus- keep my commandments”, let us be Christ followers and let’s show our love and respect toward Christ who is our Creator, and Re-Creator, if we want to meet Him and sup with Him at His Table on the banquets after each Sabbath Worship. Why don’t we start to practise Sabbath worshipping from this week?

    I believe we can be restored fully in to the image of God, if we want to become like Christ and become a progressive overcomer of our defected character.
    I also believe that accepting pure Biblical Truth may stir emotions and traditions up, but everyone needs to make their own decisions as it can have an eternal effect on their life to come.
    Pastors, who get their salaries from a denomination might worry, facing a new light, a new truth. But the most important thing is to listen to the compelling voice of the Holy Spirit.
    “Do not be afraid, just believe!”
    Do we want to follow human traditions of God eternal, never changing law??

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