All Made New – Revelation 21 – Episode 198

This is the episode is part 14 an the last part in a study on the book of Revelation. It is also the first in a study on newness. In this chapter we see where all the bible is heading. Like it started the bible ends with a story of creation. In this case God creates a new heaven and a new Earth, and this one without sorrow.

Rev 21

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King of Kings – Revelation 19 & 20 – Episode 197

This is the episode is part 13 in a study on the book of Revelation. All of the world and all of history is headed towards. This part of the book shows Jesus the Word of God revealed at the head of a heavenly army. Satan, the Beast and the false prophet are defeated and thrown in the lake of fire. Then the Book of Life will be opened and all will be judged.

Rev 19:11-21

Rev 20

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Woes and Hallelujahs for Babylon’s Fall – Revelation 18 & 19 – Episode 196

This is the episode is part 12 in a study on Revelation. Babylon the Great (whoever that may be) has fallen and some people are filled with sadness but the people of God rejoice that justice has finally come.

Rev 18

Rev 19:1-10

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The Beast – Revelation 12& 13 – Episode 192

This is the episode is part 8 on a study of the book of Revelation. This chapter looks at the downfall of Satan from heaven and at the rise of the Beast who is a servant of Satan who wages war against the people of God.

Revelation 12

Revelation 13

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Woe, Woe, Woe – Revelation 8-9 – Episode 190

This is the episode is part 6 in a study on the book of Revelation. This section talks about the end of the seven seals and the blowing of seven trumpets, all of which cause very bad things that kill a 3rd of life on Earth and yet those that remain do not repent.

Rev 8

Rev 9

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4 Riders of the Apocalypse / 144,000 – Revelation 6 & 7 – Episode 189

This is the episode is part 5 of a study on the book of Revelation. Chapter 6 looks at the calamities that come on the Earth when the seven seals first mentioned in Revelation 5 are opened. Chapter 7 looks at the 144,000 who are sealed and the multitude who are brought out from the tribulation that is happening on the Earth.

Rev 6

Rev 7

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Letters from God – Revelation 2 – Episode 186

This is the episode is part 2 of a study on Revelation. The risen Christ sends letters to the churches in Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira. Jesus tells them the churches the things that they have been doing right and what they have been doing wrong.

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