Episode 149 – Acts 12 – Persecution and Escape

This is the episode is part 12 of a study on the book of Acts. Herod who is now king in Judea decides to persecute the Christians. He has James the brother of John executed and attempts to execute Peter also but God stages a prison break. Later God deals with Herod.

Acts 12

Agrippa I

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Episode 130 – Luke 18:1-30 – Persistence, Prayer, Pride and Prosperity Problems

This is the episode is part 29 of a study of the gospel of Luke. Jesus covers a few different topics as he deals with proud pharisees and penitent publicans. He talks about a determined dowager and a rich ruler who rues the reference to riches.

Luke 18:1-30

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Episode 120 – Luke 10:38-11:13 – Prayer and Spending Time with Jesus

This is the episode is part 19 in a study on the gospel of Luke. This episode looks at two stories. The first is a story of busy Martha and apparently lazy Mary holding a dinner party. Martha does all the work and all Mary wants to do is spend time with Jesus. The second is a request from the disciples to teach them to pray. Jesus teaches them the Lord’s prayer and other things about how to pray.

Luke 10:38-11:13

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Episode 50 – The Church is… (called to be) Prayerful

Part 9 in a series on what the church is and what it is called to be. This episode focuses on prayer. Prayer is a theme that runs through both Old and New Testament. All that we do as a church should be supported by prayer.

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