2 thoughts on “Sermon – Light and Darkness – Episode 694”

  1. I tried to do a search, but couldn’t find any search feature.

    I am not hostile to Christianity. But, I am not impressed. However, I am somewhat Bible literate.

    Here’s THE question I like to ask Christians. A LOT of pastors who get paid out of the figurative collection plate like to dig into the Old Testament in order to find “mandates” when it comes to money. They especially love Malachi.

    Besides the fact that tithing obviously won’t pour blessings upon the tither that they won’t believe, there’s that little thing in there about robbing God of tithes and offerings.

    I love to ask Christians “How can you possibly rob God of offerings?”

    This is an incredibly common sense question to an extremely common teaching.

    1. Just for the record, I don’t make money from this and do still quote Malachi. I do think that giving has made me “richer”… but perhaps not in the way you are thinking about.

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