3 thoughts on “Revelation 22 – Eden Restored– Episode 697”

  1. Chris. Love you man. But what is it about “soon” you don’t understand? Have you not read Josephus and Tacitus write how chariots and horsemen were seen riding on the clouds before Jerusalem’s destruction in 70 ad? Search for truth. Uncover the veil. I feel like you are watering down the message of Revelation because you have not really looked into it to discover the true nature of God’s kingdom. God can tell time. Soon is not a thousand years. Luke 21:20 To fulfill “all that is written.” Thank you for the great podcast have been listening for years now. God bless.

    1. The message of Revelation is “God wins”. I certainly hope I was not watering that down. But has the new Jerusalem come down out of the sky yet? No.

  2. The fact that this one is supposedly “years late” is an encouragement to me. I study eschatology, but not on an academic plain. Thank you Mr. Chris for being willing “finish. ” 🙂

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