Psalms 96 – A New Song – Episode 835

This episode is part 73 in a study of the book of Psalms. The psalmist encourages the people to sing a new song. What song have we sang for far too long that we need to give up in order to sing a new song to God?

Psalm 96

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One thought on “Psalms 96 – A New Song – Episode 835”

  1. Hi Chris! I always tell people about the treasure trove you’ve created in your podcast. When you talked about taking on this relationship in order to retire sometime, I was sad to think of you retiring, but happy for you at the same time! I think you mentioned going with something apolitical so some of the ads for other podcasts surprised me in their conservative tone, but I just don’t listen to them. The ad above your podcast tonight, though, says, “vote republican in 2024”. I listented to this podcast before but didn’t notice that ad. It just doesn’t seem like the apolitical format you were told it would be. Still, I love your content and your apolitical presentation. Thanks for 15 years and counting!

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