11 thoughts on “Psalm 18 – My Rock, Fortress, Deliverer – Episode 360”

  1. I listen the same way I listen to other podcasts: with my iPod, as I do chores, walk or bike, and drive. I listen to all podcasts and audiobooks at 2x speed to fit more in.

  2. I like to listen in the morning while I eat breakfast and get the kids ready for school. Thank you Chris! I enjoy your podcast and messages!

  3. I like to listen in the morning after I get up. I start your podcast before I feed the cats and as I eat breakfast.

    I also like to think the Lord delights in us (and you) as you mention in this lesson. Surely he enjoys the work you do with your prison ministry and spreading of the gospel through various means! Have a good day!

  4. Whoops, looks like I replied in back in May also. I think this verse from Psalms may have been part of another lesson? Not sure… Anyway, it doesn’t look like my routine has changed much😀

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