Episode 166 – Money – Being Blessed Means More Money… Right?

This is the episode is part 2 in a study on what the bible has to say about money. We looked last week at verses in the Bible that said that obedience leads to blessing, but does obedience lead to riches. First we look at promises that say that Go will be with us in troubles and then at at least one person who money was the curse and giving it up would have led to the blessing.

More Than Conquerors – Romans 8:28-39

Rich Young Ruler – Matthew 19: 16-30

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2 thoughts on “Episode 166 – Money – Being Blessed Means More Money… Right?”

  1. Hi Chris. I’m going through your podcasts and am REALLY enjoying them, thanks so much for your work producing this show. It has been an incredible blessing already and I have only been through a couple series.

    When I tried to download this episode, I got an error that no file was found. Can the file be readded? Thanks so much!

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