Micah 7 – Israel’s Misery – Episode 766

This is the episode is part 7 and the final episode in a study of the book of Micah. Micah looks at the terrible situation of Israel where everyone is only looking out for themselves.

Micah 7

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2 thoughts on “Micah 7 – Israel’s Misery – Episode 766”

  1. Hi Chris, long time Amateur Traveler and Bible Study Podcast listener here. Love both. My comment is not on this episode but another. Let me frame this for you. My wife and I attend St. Lukes Methodist church in Oklahoma City. We are currently listening to weekly sermons around prayer. The sermons the last couple of weeks touched on the Lord’s Prayer. Coincidentally, last night, while walking my dogs, I was scrolling through my numerous podcast library selection and decided to checkout one of your episodes, which to be honest, I haven’t listened to this particular podcast in awhile. The first podcast that came up was episode #4 The Lord’s Prayer! Unbelievable! Not only was it timely, you came at this topic very differently than our minister thus far. Something I needed to hear. Specifically, all of the aspects of how to pray and why pray. God works in mysterious ways if we open our eyes and ears…

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