Marriage – Created by God – Episode 310

This is the episode is part 1 in a study on marriage. We look at the verses in Genesis 2 where God creates marriage, in the creation of eve. We will also look at how Jesus interprets that passage to mean that marriage is created by God and not meant to be ended with divorce.

Genesis 2:19-24

Matthew 19:1-11

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2 thoughts on “Marriage – Created by God – Episode 310”

  1. So i am working my way through your series. Ive listened to over 300 of them so far. Thank you for doing this. My wife left me and it is my fault. I am wondering if God cares to help us save our marriages? Is there anywhere in the bible where He helps a troubled marriage? Ive tried praying. Unceasingly .

    1. I don’t know if there is a specific set of verses I can send you to. The prophet Hosiah is the closest I can think of but quite different. God tells Hosiah to marry a prostitute to show how Israel has been unfaithful. The only part of it that might be helpful is we get a clear view that God has a heart to restore relationships.

      When we have broken relationships, we need to do the best we can to change, to be the person that we should be. But we also need to understand that words won’t undo what actions have done. I had friends who did remarry after one of them was unfaithful. That is a beautiful and rare thing. It took years and it took real change.

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