Genesis 46 – Jacob Comes to Egypt – Episode 691

This episode is part 44 in a study of the book of Genesis. In this episode, Israel (Jacob) and his family come to Egypt at the invitation of Joseph and of Pharaoh. 70 people in all come to Egypt but when they leave they will be a nation.

Genesis 46

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2 thoughts on “Genesis 46 – Jacob Comes to Egypt – Episode 691”

  1. I listen to prior podcasts as I wait on your current episodes. I recently listened to #500 where you summarized the Bible in 10 minutes and bookended Genesis with the last chapter in Revelation. It is not a complete study – you even mention skipping a little bit so I had to read the capter again myself, but episode 500 was so inspiring! I look forward to thar study promised in this episode. Thank you for sharing this treasure trove.

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