2 thoughts on “Genesis 41 – Pharaohʼs Dreams – Episode 686”

  1. Hi Chris,

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    As a longtime practicing psychiatrist with a life-long love of the Gospels and a degree in Religious Studies, I have observed that my patients who have a relationship with Jesus typically respond much better to treatment, psychotherapy, and medication.

    The book is a marriage of my two passions: the functioning of the brain and the life of Christ. The book is based on a mental/memory technique that enables the reader to permanently internalize every event in Jesus’s life, as described in the four Gospels. Through a series of effective and entertaining mnemonic stories, readers will be able to recall any event from the Gospels at any time easily. This will provide a lifetime of opportunities for prayer and meditation.

    I strongly believe that being very familiar with the Gospels and using them in prayer is a path to a more joyful and meaningful life. In our currently troubled and stressful world, we need all the help and support available to us. This book can help lead the reader to a relationship with Jesus far beyond what they could have imagined.

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    Thank you for your consideration.

    Kind regards,

    Joseph F. Smith, M.D.

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