Galatians 5 – Freedom in Christ – Episode 642

This is the episode is part 7 in a study of the letter to the Galatians. Paul looks at our freedom in Christ and life in the Spirit. “The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.”

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2 thoughts on “Galatians 5 – Freedom in Christ – Episode 642”

  1. Dear Chris,
    1979, my parents and 6 kids who were under 18, escaped Cambodian Famine ,as Cambodian-Vietnamese coalition war against Khmer Rouge regime had control village by villages. My parents are Buddhist followers,and tought us the rule
    My whole family was given a sponsorship by Lutheran Church to settle down in Cincinnati, Ohio.. My parents continue following Buddhist rules. My brothers and sisters had been neither Christian or Buddhist, just tried to make my parents happy,followed what they raised us to be. Thanks fully, everyone of us has lived the American Dream,graduated from college and pursued our careers. As we get older, it becomes hard to live according to our elderly parents’rules. I have been trying to become a good Christian,while my personal life became struggling after serious car accident in 2011, open skull surgery. Two years later, I had to have lower back surgery. I became struggling with excruciating pain with 60 MG morphine x2 and 10 MG Oxycodone x4 daily. As Sr Software (Oracle) Developer, I was let go in 2016 because I could no longer give 150 % plus , and after I signed my right away on company long term disability ,thought it would help. Because of liability , the company had excused to send my possession to India.
    I know I have been blessed with correct care providers. I was offered SSDI and I rejected a few times,until all doors for software development are closed. I still pray hard for Wisdom and sign.
    I have been trying to be a good Christian , read the Bible daily for a while now,but yet find which church denomination that I should attend. I listen to the non denomination ministry Joel Osteen, I enjoyed for a while. Then I realized that He didn’t teach me anything,only spiritual hopes. Plus he didn’t fit the characteristics of Jesus apostles or disciples. I quit listening Joe Osteen,and pray for the one who can teach me about the Bible because I dream to teach the Bible,to spread the unfailing love Living God. I found you. You have helped me grow what it means to be Christian. Unfortunately that cause conflicts with my parents. My dad is a monk . My mother and my oldest sister built Buddhist meditation temple in Athe BigIsland Kaau, Hawaii. They don’t believe in a living God, but they pray to the spirit of the land when they face danger, my father chants when potential dangers, they are good. I presented myself calmly from the Bible,what I keep my obedience,watch my tongue,per scripture in apostle Paul. Nowadays, my dad respects me,and I respect him. He presents me Buddhist teaching,and respond with scripture,especially from the
    apostle Paul. I have you to thank you. Because of your podcasts, that I can get messages across. I do have questions for you, Chris? Cambodian people, majority is poor, especially the villagers. I donate money to these people,and told them that I was blessed by my living God who reigned in me spiritually, Jesus Christ,who told me to offer assistance to anyone in need. So, even as Christian, I can help the children and others without questions of their religion,beliefs, just share with them of what my Living God ,Jesus Christ, has done for me. I would love to meet you and your family. Hearing your teaching, I want to be better Christian every day. I listen to you as part of my scripture learning and entertaining. I don’t listen or watch anything else. Unfortunately,I have not been baptized.
    Thank you for teaching the truths about Gospel. You and your family are definitely having place in God ‘s heart.

    1. Bunthy,

      Thanks for writing. Being a Christian when your family is not can certainly bring division as Jesus said in the gospels. It is great helping children in developing nations. They certainly need the help. We tend to do it through Compassion International personally. We sponsor one child in Nicaragua and one in Ethiopia. I guess I don’t talk about that on the podcast.

      I would encourage you to keep looking for a local church and would encourage you to be baptized as Jesus told us to.

      In Christ,


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