2 thoughts on “Episode 69 – James 1”

  1. Love your Bible study episodes. I happen to come across it while surfing the web. I am presently witnessing to a Jehovah Witness and I’m using your Bible Study episodes to try to undoctrinate her.

    I’ve been witnessing to her through letters for years but without success. Our differences has been our main obstacles. We discovered zooming during the COVID lockdown and have now transitioned from letters to zooming. I’ve been struggling and praying for a solution to get around our differences and your Bible study episodes popped up. Last week was our first Bible study on Romans. I focused on your breakdown method using your words and allowed her to share her thoughts after each breakdown. So far so good. Things went smoothly and we did not have any differences to argue over or defend. God willing she will see the light.

    Thank you for sharing your Bible episodes.

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