Episode 67- Christianity 101 – Romans 14

This episode is part sixteen in a study on Paul’s letter to Romans. Paul tells us Christians don’t always agree and that some matters are disputable. He then tells us that being right is not the most important thing. Our love for our brother and sister is more important than being right in such matters.

Romans 14

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2 thoughts on “Episode 67- Christianity 101 – Romans 14”

  1. I found this podcast, even though its 13 years old now, to be quite relevant to me personally today and thought provoking as the world today pertains to masks and covid 19. I’m a scientist by trade and education and all the research shows me unequivocally that masks dont work, yet my church is still pushing them even in a state that has no mandate. It has bitterly divided our congregation and that’s why I’m so against it because I think the church should be preaching faith over fear and not meddling in people’s personal medical choices. I dont wear a mask and I believe in personal choice but there are those who are openly hostile towards those who dont wear one. I guess what’s most thought provoking for me is that unless I misunderstand paul it makes it sound like i should be wearing a mask because it’s more worth it to not cause a falling out between church members but the question arises then where does it end? If covid had taught us anything its how much people desire to have power over others in all facets of life so Paul’s words almost sound like they’re telling me that it’s ok if eventually I’m spending my sunday service doing a handstand while worshipping because somebody else in the congregation prefers it that way. Not sure where to go with that.

    1. So Mark… I also have two degrees in applied science and the research does show masks help prevent spread. People are dying. In one church that was promoting maskless services 77 people just came down with COVID. Wear a mask. Sorry, there is just no other way to say it. It is irresponsible.

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