Episode 56 – Christianity 101 – Romans 3:9-31

This is the episode is part five in a study on Paul’s letter to Romans. In this part of the letter Paul taking about sin. He finally comes to the confusion that we are all sinners. We all fall short at least some of the time. We cannot follow the law, the rules, the things that please God all the time. But God has provided a different method for us to be right with him, to be righteous and that is what Jesus did on our behalf.

Romans 3:9-31

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2 thoughts on “Episode 56 – Christianity 101 – Romans 3:9-31”

  1. In the old testament, there were only 10 commandments (laws) to follow. However, in the new testament, the bar was raised by Jesus, e.g. you shall not murder but Jesus said you committed murder even if you hate your brothers. Does it mean it is easier to be righteous during the old testament? Why didn’t God send prophets to tell the Israelites the standards were actually much higher than the face value of the 10 commandments?

    1. In the Old Testament there is a whole book of the law Leviticus, in addition to the 10 Commandments. In the new Testament we learn that no one is righteous but God and that all our righteousness is filthy rags compared to his. We enter into relationship with God through the righteousness of Jesus.

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