Episode 4 – The Lord’s Prayer

This episode is the first part of a study on prayer. It deals with the prayer Jesus taught, commonly known as the Lord’s Prayer. This episode is a dramatic presentation, author unknown. The Lord’s Prayer can be found in Mathew 6 and Luke 11.

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7 thoughts on “Episode 4 – The Lord’s Prayer”

  1. I have been listening to the bible study podcasts for about a year. Thank you Chris for your simple and direct approach to sharing the Word.


  2. Listening to past episodes and just loving your teaching. Your podcast is my favorite of all of them. My go to if you will. Thank you for doing what you do.

  3. Thanks so much for explaining the Lord’s prayer in this way, it just hit me hard to the core, yes indeed I say the Lord’s prayer every day and I did think I was doing it right, but never thought of the shortcomings I have and what it means when I call the Lord my father and His will be done or earth as it is in heaven, and forgive our trespasses as those who trespass against us. This really is mind-blowing and now when I pray I really mean everything I utter conscientiously and now like a ritual and ponder on every word and reflect and follow what I am expected to do when I utter this precious prayer to my God. Thank you for sharing.

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