Episode 29 – Exodus 3-4, Moses part 2

Part 2 of the story of Moses. Moses meets God in a burning bush and learns the good news that God is going to step in and free his people form Egypt. He also learns the bad news that Moses is the guy who will do it. “Lord, don’t you have someone else?”

P.S. yes, I know I call this “episode 28 in the audio”

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5 thoughts on “Episode 29 – Exodus 3-4, Moses part 2”

  1. Hey Chris – I’m trying to catch up on some of your episodes that I missed and am unable to find #29 of The Bible Study Podcast. What plays on your web site and on iTunes is episode #28 even though it is marked as #29.

    I really enjoy listening to this podcast as I feel God is really speaking through your words. Thank you for taking your time for this ministry.

    God Bless

  2. Interesting perspective, Chris. God calls us to do His work or sends us on a mission and we don’t think we are worthy as messengers, so we ask God to send someone else. This is just like God’s first interaction with Moses. I would think that would frustrate God.

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