Episode 19 – Gideon, Reluctant Hero (part 1) – Judges 6

The Midianites have invaded Israel because the people turned their back on God and started worshiping other Gods. God calls Gideon to rescue his people from the invading Midianites. Gideon is not so sure that this sounds like a good idea. Sometimes when we ask “God, why haven’t you done something?”, God replies “Am I not sending you?”.

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One thought on “Episode 19 – Gideon, Reluctant Hero (part 1) – Judges 6”

  1. Gideon sounds a lot like Moses. Both of them get approached by God. God tells them to do something extraordinary. Then they plead with God to choose someone else. It is only through coaxing and convincing that they take action and fulfill God’s plan.

    This story and the one in Exodus should give people hope who don’t have much confidence in themselves. God always has faith in his people.

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