Episode 150 – Acts 13 – Barnabas and Paul in Cyprus

This is the episode is part 13 of a study on the book of Acts. In this episode Barnabas and Paul are called by God and sent out on their first missionary journey. They travel to Cyprus where they preach in the synagogue and start a church.

Acts 13

The Sergius Paulus inscriptions in Cyprus and Rome

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5 thoughts on “Episode 150 – Acts 13 – Barnabas and Paul in Cyprus”

  1. Chris Thanks so much for your time and effort to make this bible study. With your guidance, I’ve felt more encouraged to more consistently dig into God’s word. It helps me so much!

  2. Just wanted you to know ….we have just found your podcast and are digging into the book of Acts! Thank you

  3. Thanks Chris for all that you do to bring understanding to the Word. Just to let you know, the link above for Sergius no longer resolves. God Bless.

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