Episode 138 – Acts 1 – Called to Action

This is the episode is part 1 in a study on the book of Acts which is the second part of Luke’s gospel. This book looks at the start of the church and the acts of the apostles. This is a book about action and about a church called to action, called to be Jesus’s witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and the ends of the earth. The church is still called to action.

Acts 1

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2 thoughts on “Episode 138 – Acts 1 – Called to Action”

  1. In Acts1:20 Peter refers to Psalms 69:25 & 109:8 to confirm Judas’ (though it doesn’t actually name the betrayer) betrayal, and validate the need to replace him, however when I read both these scriptures I can’t see how Peter can use them? In todays understanding of validating a theology or belief you need to make sure it’s on context. If a Jewish scholar was listening in to Peter’s discussion, he may well conclude that Peter was misusing or misunderstanding those Psalms. Please show me what I’m not seeing. Bless you. PS I am enjoying these studies

    1. One thing we need to remember is that this is all happening very close on after the resurrection, a matter of weeks. Peter, who grew up Jewish, had heard the old testament scriptures for his whole life, but a few weeks ago they all took on a very different meaning. The image of the “suffering messiah” is there in the Old Testament when you look for it but they had not seen it. So I can picture they are looking through scripture very differently at this time. Second, they are trying to see if somewhere in the bible they can find some instruction of what to do. Replace Judas, don’t replace Judas. I can’t say I can come up with a scripture that clearly says what to do in the case that the Messiah is betrayed. So they came up with this one. I am willing to cut Peter some slack. 🙂

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