Kingdom of God – What’s Important – Episode 270

This is the episode is part 5 in a study on the Kingdom of God. This episode looks at two different stories that talk about what is important. In the first Jesus tells is that it is better to choose life and one hand than death and two. In the second we see a teacher of the law quiz Jesus on the most important commandment.

Mark 9:42-48

Mark 12:28-34

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2 thoughts on “Kingdom of God – What’s Important – Episode 270”

  1. I wanted to say thank you for what you do. I found and started listening to your podcast as a result of some of the worst depression I’ve experienced in about the last 18 years and I’m trying to turn to God as much as I can, even though I’m a life long Christian. Your words that “Weeping is a down payment on joy” were so powerful to me I had to write them down so I won’t forget them.

    1. Mark, I am glad I can help. I hope you have also sought help locally. We have had family members and friends who fought/fight depression and I have a bit of a clue how tough it can be.

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