Genesis 50 – End of the Beginning – Episode 696

This episode is the final part of a study on the book of Genesis. Jacob dies, is mourned, and is buried in the promised land. Joseph comforts his brothers saying that what they intended for evil God used for good.

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6 thoughts on “Genesis 50 – End of the Beginning – Episode 696”

  1. Hey man you have really encouraged me to study the Bible deeper. I really just wanted to say thank you for making these podcasts. It helps me through my classes. I have already shared to a friend and she told all her friends . God Bless you. God loves you man. Keep doing what your doing.

  2. Hello Chris,
    Thank you very much for your amazing ministry. This truly is a blessing from God, a well of flowing water in the desert ( no pun intended) I’m a US Citizen living and working in Saudi Arabia for the past 7 years. I found your web site back in August of 2020 after coming back to Arabia and have been listening,learning and growing ever since. My wife and I hope to visit Israel,Jordan when I’m finished here and your review of Genesis has inspired me to learn more before we travel. I’ve shared your ministry with a number of people. Keep up the good work,you are making a difference. May God bless you, your family and ministry.

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