Episode 33 – Numbers 13-14 – Spies and Giants

Part 6 of the story of Moses and Exodus. The people of Israel are on the border of the promise and within sight of their goal, but once again they lose heart and want to go “home”. It took many signs and wonders to get Israel out of Egypt, but the real trick was getting Egypt out of Israel.

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One thought on “Episode 33 – Numbers 13-14 – Spies and Giants”

  1. Hi Chris !!

    Great website and great podcast.

    Thanks so much for your lesson on the Spies and Giants . . .

    I am a Sunday School teacher and am about to give my lesson on these two Chapters.

    Your insight has been very helpful.

    I have just started a website to share my lessons with others .. just something I felt led to do last week.


    It’s not very organized .. just the notes I teach from put down.

    Anyway .. I just wanted to thank you for sharing and commend your thoughts on the Bible.

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