Episode 146 – Acts 9:1-31 – Saul’s Conversion

This is the episode is part 9 of the study of the book of Acts. A young man named Saul becomes the chief persecutor of the church by arresting, imprisoning and even by having Christians killed. But Jesus has other plans for Saul and strikes him blind on his journey to persecute Christians in Damascus. He then uses a faithful disciple named Ananias to heal Saul and restore him.

Acts 9:1-31

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3 thoughts on “Episode 146 – Acts 9:1-31 – Saul’s Conversion”

  1. Thanks Chris for your wonderful resources. I have been utilising your podcasts for our Lutheran men’s “Zoom” bible study on Acts, here in South Australia. Your clear reading of the text and concise commentary has been much appreciated. May God continue to bless your work.

      1. Barossa Valley, South Australia. The best wine region in Australia, settled largely by German Lutherans in the mid 1800’s.

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