4 thoughts on “Episode 102 – Introduction to the Gospel of Luke”

  1. Hello Chris

    Hope all is well with you. I just wanted to pop you a quick note to thank you for this resource you are providing.

    I often lead an Alpha group at my Church (in the UK) We run a second course (Connect) after Alpha and then this leads into people going into Life Groups (our mid-week small groups)

    Over the summer there is usually a long break as most ministries have a much needed break.

    This year my Alpha group was really disappointed that there was such a long gap between Alpha ending and the Connect group starting in October, so I offered to host a Life Group for 10 weeks over the summer.

    They group is predominately very new Christians and we have been listening to your podcast of Luke when we get together. This takes out the awkwardness of having to get people to read passages, you also give a nice explanation and context around the passages.

    So I just wanted to say thank you for this, you are making my life a whole lot easier!!

    God bless


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