Proverbs 31 – Wife of Noble Character – Episode 493

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This is the episode is part 31 and the last part of a study on the book of Proverbs. It looks at some sayings from sayings of King Lemuel (or his mom) and at what you should look for in a wife (or husband).

Proverbs 31

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Tyrone Scott


Love the new Player

Drew Donato-Parayno


Thank you for your podcast. I have just rediscovered God thru my incredible St Peters church in Brighton UK. I am taking Alpha this lentin season. I am now reading the bible. I enjoy listening to your podcast either on my morning commute on the train or just before bed. I enjoy your interpretation in a language I can understand. Thank you so much. Expat from Michigan based in England. Drew

Chris Christensen


Welcome back Drew, glad it is of some help.

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