Matthew 28 – Resurrection – Episode 461

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This is the episode is the 53rd and final part in a study on the gospel of Matthew. This episode covers the resurrection of Jesus

Matthew 28

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4 Responses to “Matthew 28 – Resurrection – Episode 461”

Drew Haskins


Thank you for finishing your study on Matthew’s gospel. I am highly anticipating your next study. God is equipping you to speak life and truth. I pray you will be sensitive to where the Holy Spirit is leading you. 1 Thessalonians has been on my heart lately. Specifically chapter 5 verses 9 & 10, but I have found myself reading through this book straight through time and time again. Thank you and let us make much of Him!!! – Drew

Chris Christensen


Thanks Drew, glad you are finding it useful 🙂



Hey Chris!!

I have been listening to your wonderful podcast for a few months now. I listened through all of them. Now, I am listening through them again!! I recently was baptized and I would like to request a bible study on baptism. Thank you in advance and thank you for a wonderful podcast!!

Chris Christensen


Wow, all of them is quite a lot these days! Remind me again when Proverbs starts to wind down and I will consider a study on baptism.

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