Psalm 18 – My Rock, Fortress, Deliverer – Episode 360

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This is the episode is part 11 in a study of the book of Psalms. David praises the mighty God who has rescued him from his enemies. God has been his rock, his fortress and his deliverer.

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Nikki Roy


I loathe to The Bible Study Podcast during my daily commute and on the weekends as I’m running errands. Thanks for your commitment to this ministry!

Nikki Roy


I meant I LISTEN to The Bible Study Podcast! Oh my goodness – sorry about that! I’m writing on my phone.

Chris Christensen


I was hoping that was supposed to be listen do 🙂

Chad Warner


I listen the same way I listen to other podcasts: with my iPod, as I do chores, walk or bike, and drive. I listen to all podcasts and audiobooks at 2x speed to fit more in.

Robert Beckman


iTunes. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

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