King of Kings – Revelation 19 & 20 – Episode 197

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This is the episode is part 13 in a study on the book of Revelation. All of the world and all of history is headed towards. This part of the book shows Jesus the Word of God revealed at the head of a heavenly army. Satan, the Beast and the false prophet are defeated and thrown in the lake of fire. Then the Book of Life will be opened and all will be judged.

Rev 19:11-21
Rev 20

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Chad Warner


Sorry to hear that you lost listeners during the Revelation series. Revelation is one of my favorite books, and I really enjoyed the episodes. In a future series, I’d like to hear an exploration of how Jesus fulfilled Old Testament laws, and why some (like the Ten Commandments) carried into the New Testament. A series on the development of the church after Jesus’ ascension would also be interesting.

joseph melson


Would like to here the book of ezekiel please

joseph melson


Would love to hear the book of Ezekiel

Chris Christensen


Ezekiel is a hard one. I am not sure I know enough about Ezekiel to cover it and get much out of it.

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