Episode 161 – Acts 24,25 – Paul before Felix and Festus

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This is the episode is part 24 in a study on the book of Acts. Paul appears before governor Felix and then because Felix does nothing for 2 years Paul appears his successor governor Festus.

Acts 24
Acts 25

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Kelly Grace


I want to thank you for the clear expository teaching on the March 25th podcast. God bless you for leaving out all of the political and other extracurricular content that so many others allow to compete with the truth of God’s word. I am a pastor’s wife and Bible teacher, and I know the spiritual strength that God desires to impart through the teaching of His word.
A long time ago when I was just beginning to teach, a good friend shared the inscription she saw carved into a small pulpit in an old church: Stand up, speak truth, sit down. I share it with you as both encouragement and thanks.
Kelly Grace

Joyce Enwall


God is awesome praise him!



That sounds like good advice Kelly. 🙂

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