Episode 155 – Acts 18 – Paul in Corinth, intoducing Priscilla, Aquila and Apollos

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This is the episode is part 18 of a study of the book of Acts. Paul teaches in Corinth for some time as he is protected by God and by Rome. In Corinth he meets Priscilla and Aquila and works with them. He then sails for home to check in with the church. Meanwhile Priscilla and Aquila meet and teach Apollos which is a great teacher.

Acts 18

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Josh Drake


hey i just subscribed to your podcast and i just wanted you to know that i like the way you teach i only thing i wish was that your episodes were longer but, other than that i like that the you teach i hope that you will study the book of revelation soon because i really need help with that book…well looking forward to next episode, keep it up chris



Revelation is not that hard. It was written to a church under persecution to say, it’s going to get worse before the end, but in the end God wins. All else is speculation 🙂

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