Episode 121 – Luke 11:14-36 – Seeing with God’s Eyes

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This is the episode is part 20 in a study of the gospel of Luke. In this section of Luke Jesus is driving out demons and the accusation is made that he is only able to do so because he is working with the devil. Jesus explains that he is doing so because God is stronger than the devil and goes on to diagnose a case of spiritual blindness which is effecting his listeners.

Luke 11:14-36
A rabbi looks at Jesus’ parables

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Janet Schabow


Your podcasts have been a great help as I go through the book of Luke. Episode 121 won’t download for me, though. Is it available somewhere else?

Chris Christensen


does it work for you now?



Hi. I can’t download episode 121 of luke and it won’t play? Thanks. Rachel

Chris Christensen


not sure why, I am following up with libsyn support

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